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AgroPriority offers the ultimate solution for managing companies marketing agricultural produce and managing packaging houses.


AgroPriority is based on ERP software designed by Priority Software and applied via an agricultural marketing module developed by Agrosoft.


AgroPriority software is multilingual and multipurpose and supports all organizational departments including Purchasing, Finance, Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Customer Relations, Human Resources and more.

The AgroPriority software program can be extended through modules available as extras such as Project Management, Service and Maintenance, Engineering, Manufacturing and many more.


AgroPriority is both Windows and Web compatible which enables access via HTML5 technology.


Built-in features such as project status management, processes control, task logs, permissions, and more allow the organization to determine processes and verify that users are authorized by the various departments.


Advanced report generators in conjunction with the BI module allow your organization's managers to get a snapshot of the organization's profitability at any given time.

Agropriority for SMB

A special small business version allows small organizations to enjoy the world of advanced technology and management tools of AgroPriority.


AgroPriority provides high quality solutions for a wide range of issues:


  • complete CRM module

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Inventory and warehouse control

  • Purchase

  • Generate export documents via e-mail at the touch of a button

  • Managing and recording export/import transactions and profitability portfolios

  • Advanced Process Control (BPM)

  • Modules for the automatic receipt of invoices from customs officials

  • Module BI for the graphical analysis of data including presentations in Outlook

  • Accounting

  • Unique module for calculating and making payments to growers

  • Report Generator module on system manager/ system user level

  • Adjustments and interfaces

Adjustments and Interfaces

AgroPriority is a system of structured interfaces linking to external systems, such as mobile wireless hand-held terminals for agents and for logistics management. In addition, it is possible to interface with a wide range of systems such as sorting machines, scales and more. AgroPriority interfaces with the "agriculture system" software for the purpose of linking the grower to the marketing company and to the customer. The interface allows data to be communicated in a reciprocal way between the systems, thereby creating a computing circle from the grower to the marketing company through to the customer.


Wireless terminals for logistic centers

The use of wireless terminals enables efficient logistics tasks, reducing time spent in the warehouse and preventing errors.

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About Agrosoft products

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Common processes in hand held terminals applications:

 Receipt and documentation of pallets from growers and production of barcode labels

  • Quality Assurance

  • Assembling orders

  • Shipments including containers for export

  • The transfer, assembly and disassembly of pallets

  • Transfers between warehouses

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