Software for interface and standards management.

Farms are a global food factory that produces fresh produce for world-wide marketing and is obliged to meet high standards of quality and safety. The resulting high level of expenditure requires the farmer to plan and examine the profitability of the market throughout the year. To this end, the agriculture system utilizes various aids such as:

These issues and other matters:

  • Managing growth journals according to the different quality standards and presentation to customers

  • Financial Management

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Risk Management

  • Maintenance Journal

  • Human Resources and wages, including time attendance systems

  • Marketing/crops/income tracking

  • Producing barcode labels for produce/customers *

  • Transmitting consignment notes directly to computerized marketing companies *

  • Link to the computing systems of numerous exporters (Data Exchange)

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* Marketing Companies/packing houses that work with Agrosoft computerized systems or have an interface between them and the computerized systems of Agrosoft.

Management Quality Standards

The need to manage farms to meet quality standards has become a necessity among clients abroad and among customers in Israel. The agriculture software system has therefore been designed in such a way that quality standards management forms an integral part of the software.


The registration of growth and maintenance journals in the farm management software allows the forms of the various quality standards to be generated according to the requirements of the export companies.


The management version of the agricultural software system is used by export companies to manage a list of pesticides and work processes according to the various growth protocols for the produce marketed.

Working interface vs. marketing companies and the work of the business partner:

The agriculture software system is operated at management level by participating companies, enabling them to meet with growers and exchange information on many subjects, such as: harvesting forecasts, orders, distribution of protocols, etc. The software prevents errors and shortens procedures.

In addition, the system interfaces with AgroPriority software to transfer consignment notes directly from the grower to the packing house, so that information about the completion of the sorting/packing process and produce details are immediately available to the company.